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to the amazing universe of Film posters! For us a form of art on its own right! An endless world of adventures, weird creatures, lonely cowboys, evil invaders, mad scientists and pleasures of the flesh! Images from worlds beyond the barriers of time, paintings that meant to tease and promote a movie.

Some say that Film Posters have an expire date, that are supposed to exist for just a few days or weeks until the movie they promote is out of the theater. Well, no! There are thousands of us out there who preserve the culture (or shall I say the cult?) of film posters. We see them as unique art forms that have significant cultural value. As works that can remain eternal... no wonder why sometimes a poster is so much better than the actual film!

Although we really like all kinds of movies, we have a tendency towards the sci-fi, horror, cult, exploitation and weird genres. However, here you will find all styles from drama and comedy to westerns and all time classics! Everything is welcome.... so don't get surprised when you see a Disney family cartoon next to a never - heard of - cheap horror flick! We like em all but we do have our favourite dark vices.

Feel free to browse through our galleries and place your comments on the posters or on the actual films.

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