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Why aren't there more classic & hollywood posters in your gallery?

We will be adding more and more as we go. The reasons we are giving a kind of priority to horror, sci-fi, cult, exploitation & weird films are the following: (a) we found these genres slightly more interesting comparing to mainstream films (b) most of them are much harder to find and (c) especially posters up until the late 1970's usually have a set of stylings that is not visible today.

How often do you update the site with new posters?

Usually once or twice a week, so bookmark us and keep on coming.

I am new in collecting film posters, where do I start?

The best thing to do is to start reading. There is a plethora of really nice books about collecting movie posters. It is important to aquire some basic knowledge about the different sizes, about the reproductions vs the originals and of course about the prices of posters. Generally speaking it will be wise to start on with small budgets and as you acquire more knowledge you can invest more bucks.

What are the best places to buy movie posters?

Off-line the best places are stores that sell movie memorabilia and usually have countless items for sale. Make sure you have enough time to browse their stuff cause in such places you start searching and when you look at the time you realise you 've been going through posters and lobby cards for ages! Also good places are car boot sales and open fairs where you might get yourself a few good deals. On-line you have more options. Just check our links or search the internet and you will find many many places. It is highly recommended to check as many dealers as possible and ALWAYS check on ebay. The best deals are to be found there and through our 'Auctions' page which is updated every hour!

Can you give us a little history about movie posters?

Sure, the art of film posters is as old as the art of cinema. Posters were used since the early days inside and outside theaters (as well as in other public places) to communicate and advertise the films on show. Since those days film posters featured illustrations and artistic interprentations of the movie theme or from specific scenes. In many cases various known artists were hired to illustrate posters and many of them became famous because of their involvement with this kind of artwork.

In the USA the production and distribution of movie posters was made by a centralised operation called the National Screen Service (NSS). From 1940 up until the early 1980's the NSS was circulating on behalf of the studios nearly all posters plus other advertising material. In order to track their inventory they were printing a number at the back of the poster and in the lower-right corner. This number, also known as "NSS number", is an element one should take into consideration of authenticity when collecting posters.

The NSS ceased to exist in 2000 thus no more tracking numbers in movie posters ever since. From the early 1980's the studios took a different approach towards the advertising material by producing and distibuting their own posters.

Today, in the era of fast and massive digital production, film posters not only promote a movie at the theaters but they are also available for anyone to purchase at various places.

So why some posters are so expensive and rare?

These are mainly posters that were printed before the 1980's, although this does not mean that there aren't any rare & collectible posters after that. In fact there are far too many! But due to the centralised production and distibution, posters were required by the NSS to be returned back to them after the film left the theater and then they would send them out again to other theaters. As a result most posters were circulated around for too much time eventually becoming too worn. A small percentance, though, was returning to storage at the NSS. An even smaller percentance also found its way to memorabilia dealers and collectors.

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